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          Huai’an Zhenda Steel Tube Manufacturing Co.,LTD

          Equipment & Device

          Our Mission: Dedication on the technology and engineering service on Oil & Gas equipment piping system as well as investment and management process. Aiming on being the tier one supplier in oil & gas equipment piping systems by continuous technology improvement.

          1WE-300D Mechanical testing machine1 set
          2WE-1000D Mechanical testing machine1 set
          3ARL direct reading spectrometer1 set
          4JB-300B impact testing machine1 set
          5Hydraulic test machine1 set
          6Combind NDT (UT+ET) test machine4 set
          7Steel Tube Endoscope4 set
          8Portable Spectrometer6 set
          9Low temperature impact test machine1 set
          10Laboratories Center(chemical/Mechanical properties)10 set

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